Cable protection

Protecting cables in submarine environments is a complicated task. The circumstances are unique in every situation; geological properties, topography, harbours, sea routes, currents and temperatures are all factors that can influence the method of choice and the route the cable should take.

The market for renewable energy and an international power grid is constantly growing.  Subcon Nautics focuses on the methods for installing and protecting offshore power cables. This includes long distance cables over e.g. oceans and also over smaller distances within offshore wind farms.

Subcon Nautics focuses on solutions using cast-iron. This material has been evaluated with regard to its strength, durability, reliability and environmental impact. Subcon Nautics has developed a cable protective pipe made of cast iron for offshore usage. This product and its possibilities for use have been thoroughly investigated.

For our products, we use only certified raw materials; this will ensure finished products of the highest quality.

Product Facts

  • Ductile Iron to ISO 1083
  • Impact resistance > 5 KJ
  • Corrosion resistance seawater; excellent. Typical material loss; < 0.1mm / yr
  • Tensile strength / elongation : 400 mPa / 15%
  • Segment length – effective : 500 mm
  • Installation and recovery in water depths down to 100m

Product Images