Subcon Nautics

we protect below sealevel.

Nautilus Pipe has been developed in line with industry requirements for cable protection. The Nautilus Pipe cable protection and ballast system can be used to protect cables from external impact and (over-)bending, to avoid instability on the seabed and can be installed in any water depth.

The design of Nautilus Pipes ensures ease of mounting directly from the installation vessel or by divers on the seabed. Due to the uniform design of the pipes, no attention needs to be paid to having the right shell at the right location; Nautilus Pipes are all identical due to stringent QA/QC-procedures during production.

Nautilus Pipes can be bolted together; however, the unique ‘twist-n-lock’ design ©® ensures that even without bolting, the mounted Nautilus Pipe remains in place. The bolting requirement needs to be assessed on a project basis to arrive at the right client solution.

The Nautilus Pipe comes in standard sizes but the design can be modified to meet client-specific requirements.